How much does it cost to enter Isla Mujeres? Travel Guide and Recommendations

Isla Mujeres is a Caribbean paradise that attracts travelers from all over the world with its beauty, history, and exciting activities. If you are planning to visit this magical island, you are probably wondering how much is the entrance fee to Isla Mujeres. In this article, we will not only provide you with information about entrance fees, but we will also guide you on the best places to visit, the ideal time for your trip, and the experiences you won’t want to miss. In the end, we will invite you to make reservations at the exclusive Na Balam and Casa del Jaguar hotels, as well as enjoy a relaxing day at the Zazil Ha Spa on Isla Mujeres.

How much does it cost to enter Isla Mujeres?

Entrance to Isla Mujeres may vary depending on how you choose to arrive. Ferry fares from Cancun usually range from $15 to $20 per person, while tickets to the Puerto Juarez marine terminal may be a bit cheaper.
Tip: If you are traveling by car from Cancun, consider the cost of the ferry for you and your vehicle.

What is the Best Place in Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres offers a variety of enchanting places you won’t want to miss:
Playa Norte: Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, Playa Norte is a paradise of white sand and crystal clear waters.
Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres, Mexico | dronepicr | Flickr
Punta Sur: This corner of the island is famous for its lighthouse, Mayan temple, and panoramic views of the Caribbean. It is a place full of history and natural beauty.
File:Punta Sur, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
El Centro: Here you will find restaurants, stores and a vibrant nightlife, making it an ideal place to explore the local culture.
Isla Mujeres Centro | Shinya Suzuki | Flickr

What day to go to Isla Mujeres?

The day you choose to visit Isla Mujeres depends on your preferences. If you want to avoid crowds, consider visiting the island during the week, especially Tuesday through Thursday. Weekends and holidays can be more crowded. If you are looking for a quiet experience, plan your trip outside of peak tourist seasons.


Relax at the Zazil Ha Spa on Isla Mujeres

For a day of relaxation on Isla Mujeres, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Zazil Ha Spa. This oasis of wellness offers rejuvenating treatments, relaxing massages and a tranquil experience in the middle of nature. To book your appointment, visit their official website or contact them directly.
Zazil Ha Spa:


Isla Mujeres is an exceptional destination that combines beautiful beaches, rich history and a vibrant local culture. Now that you know how much the entrance fee is, the best places to visit, the ideal time for your trip and the must-see experiences in one day, you are ready to plan your trip. Also, for an unforgettable experience, we invite you to book at Na Balam or Casa del Jaguar hotels and enjoy relaxing moments at Zazil Ha Spa in Isla Mujeres. Your trip will be unforgettable!